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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

someone asked this question on Yahoo! Answers.

i got mad at my Vista PC and threw it across the room into the wall then i kicked it what parts will i need?
i turn it on and it smells strange and go's beep. then i have to press the power button again same thing!
useing XP right now.

best answer given:

First you'll need anger management classes. Then if you have any money left buy a new PC because it'll probably cost more to repair than to buy a new one once you add in labor costs.
You might need some drywall to fix the hole in your wall though.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Euro '08

Anyone interested to sponsor us for a two weeks vacation in Europe???
We're desperate!!!!!!
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Friday, March 16, 2007
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1

The day we snatched the title from Chelsea!
unless we screw it up somehow in the next few weeks....


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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hi,this is your friendly,trying-to-be-noticed administrator.
Unfortunately,YOUTUBE videos are NOT TO BE put up on this blog because it jams the page up like nobody's business and business has to run all day.AND because this is such a popular blog read by like 3 people(Alvyn,Kelvin and Alvyn) everyday we cannot afford the increasing retardation in the loading of a million other items such as "Women of the Year" and most recently, "Live From Shunfu Road : A Mahjong Session".

If you still insist on putting up Youtube stuff,you will be severely dealt....
Er,actually,er we can't do anything.

We're pretty much NATO.

But until then,Xiaxue's nose is still ugly and Michelle WongYuMin is her biggest fangirl,second only to Xiaxue herself.

P.S please take this entry seriously,Carly Simon or otherwise.
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Live from Shunfu Road

04A1A Mahjong session

First round

After losing in the first round of mahjong, Kelv says "ALVERINA SUCKS!" while Raymond tries to persuade Kelv to go to his company's office at Clark Quay in the hope that this potential customer will help to recoup his losses. In the meantime, Shane the victor sits smugly in his chair...

On to the second round..

Ray is still trying to get Kelv to go out tomorrow for like the 35128866th time today. And even promises to treat him to lunch!
In a remarkably fast round, Shane wins once again. Guess Ray is too busy persuading Kelv while the latter is too busy rebuffing his attempts. Weikee the final player is looking kinda busy with the toy bear on his laps.

Third round now.

Ray tells me to get a life because i'm watching youtube, but seriously youtube has got to be one of THE inventions of the century.
Ryan comes in and tells shane "shane, go and eat oyster". OK he didn't say oyster literally but i have no idea how to spell the name of the oyster dish, yea you guys know which one. Ah fried oysters!
Shane wins yet again... This is getting very predictable.

Fourth round

Before starting the round we allow ourselves a little daydreaming, thinking about our future london trip in 2008 and how we'll just camp in hyde park if we're too poor to afford hotel rooms.
Raymond's flirting with some girl over the phone, no wonder he's been losing. Kelv on the other hand has gone crazy. He's got a paper bag over his head and with that, he hopes to beat Shane. Talk about desperation!
And the winner of the fourth round is you know who.

Fifth round

Daniel tells us he's not coming. We bemoan how army doesn't allow us access to youtube! At the same time, kelv is compared to xiaxue! How flattering! It seems like the conversation now is about anything but mahjong. The game fizzles out in the middle of the game and our attention turns to what to have for dinner. Expect to have an answer in one hour's time!

As we prepare to leave for dinner, ray is still asking kelv to go out tomorrow... Well good bye and good night!
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hey everyone, i thought i'd do a roll down of the hits and misses in the music industry in 2006. As you all probably know, this will be a very biased list and anyone who doesn't like it can just go and marry Britney.

SURPRISE OF THE YEAR: Justin Timberlake. Who knew the yuppie kid from the mickey mouse club could come out from his fag boyband phase to emerge as one of the most insane dancers of his generation. His new album is also surprisingly (like duh) good, with sexyback and my love already making waves everywhere. Just one question, how many of you actually thought a different meaning of 'sexyback' before you all actually looked at the lyrics or heard it like 93849389 times over and over again.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE YEAR: Snow Patrol. In their last album, Final Straw, they were simply awesome. 'Run' was a classic, an instant hit. Then, everything went going down. Not that 'Eyes Open' was bad, in fact, it was quite good actually...then Singapore Idol spolit it. 'Chasing Cars' became the anthem of practically every event, every romantic scene, every advertisment, everywhere! My friends, beware commercialism, it doth mock the meat it feeds on. Commericialism destroys. Look at Coldplay and you'll see. Jimmy Eat World escaped it and went back to obscurity, and hey, they're better than ever now with 'Futures'. Moral of the story: don't do it for the money.

WHO TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2007: Well firstly, Muse is coming to Singapore and they're terrific! Check out 'Starlight' and 'Time is running out' by them, it will certainly be worth your time. Wish i could go to their concert though, it's simply too expensive, unless anyone (Alvyn?) wants to sponsor me. Ok next, my friends, check out New Found Glory and their new album 'Coming Home'. With great tracks like 'Too good to be' and 'Hold my hand', the album's soon to be a classic in the indie world. Check out Daphne Loves Derby too. They're a realtively unknown band but hey their music's right up there with the big boys. Of course i'd rather the name of the band be 'Kate Beckinsale Loves Shane'. Finally, Anberlin gonna be the biggest thing that will hit you in the face in 2007. Possibly one of the best bands in the scene now, alongside Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin's gonna be big, mark my words, BIG.

I'M SO TIRED OF THEM: Throw out Black Eyed Peas. Enough of them already! My Chemical Romance is highly overrated.They're just a band for Indie wannabes in Singapore to say, "hey i know MCR so i'm cool and emo and indie and all and pop and pop considered indie? does radio play indie stuff...actually i know nuts about indie and i'm just trying to pose here." And as shocking as this might sound, Paris Hilton and ain't nicole and paris.

THE CLASSICS: Inject yourselves with a dose of Taking Back Sunday, a mixture of Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab For Cutie, one pill of Dishwalla, a concortion of The WHO and ACDC and finally a brew of Hawthorne Heights, Motion City Soundtrack, Our Lady Peace and Lifehouse.

ok i hope this was quite a comprehensive report about 2006 and the upcoming 2007!
but hey wait...aren't we forgetting something??! oh yes! it's Alvyn's beloved Keane!!! ok yes guys, please do check them out. plus, they have a higher chance of coming to singapore than any of the mentioned bands save Muse. ok cheers!

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Kelvin,FUCK YOU!
Angela,AH!I'M CRAZY!
Michelle,SMU ROCKS!

and featuring special guest,ALVERINA.

Collectively:oh my GAWD SHUT UP!